For the first time, I was not diplomatic and showed my true feelings towards shitass 2. No more fake smiles. You angered me during one of the worst days, dude. Normally I will brush it away, tolerate, complaint to someone and basically say something dipolmatic and nice back to defuse the situation. But not today. And boy, I was glad cause a shitass like you do not deserve chances and kindness from me. And since this threshold was broken, I shall continue to be anal to you. Join the club of the few hated by me.

And I saw shitass 1 today. How come of all days, I have encounters with all the shitasses of my life?

Cuz it is friday the 13?

I only realise today is friday the 13 at 7 pm. A slow poke I am.

And I did a rescue mission for Miss Superficial’s stuff. Some people misplace their things and I have to walk back to rescue it lest it got stolen.

And I went robinsons for some sale therapy alone. I need to get my last chinese new year top and I am sick of shopping for CNY already.

In the end, I bought a pink Arthur Yen top and a black Arthur Yen dress.The suit I bought recently is from Arthur Yen. My wardrobe is going to have alot of their clothes this year.

This is my first black dress I got ( grad gown not counted ) and being such a vain person, I started to think of all the occasions I can wear the dress for. Like my friend’s birthday and V day if I ever get a date. And Lucky is the man who gets to see me in that dress on V day. 😛

And I got food therapy later. Nice nasi pandang from kallang. One of the best stores I have eaten. The food is wrapped into a parcel and it can jolly well feed 3 pple. My forever hungry sibling at home is lucky lah.

Thanks for being part of my 10000th visitor. I never expected the audience.