How to tell the producers at Singapore Idol that you’re a talentless loser

Ok, American Idol have just started airing in Singapore. I dont intend to watch a single episode and you shouldn’t cause just look at this.

american idol is gay

Unless of course you’re into little goldilocks wannabe.

But i digress. So some genius at mediacorp thought this up, since you’re watching AMI you must be planning to join SI. How about we try to tempt you to join our little competition?

Afraid that you’ll sound horrible during Singapore Idol auditions?

Don’t end up like the rejects from American Idol’s knockout rounds!

Watch American Idol on Jan 25 and 26 on Channel 5 and look out for the password that appears during the show.

Three lucky viewers will get a personal 1-hour vocal training lesson with Singapore Idol vocal teacher Babes Conde on Feb 1 between 7-10pm.

Babes Conde? She must be a hot babe i thought. I was so wrong. But what the heck, it’s a singing competition, who cares if my teacher is one fat unattractive lady?

Anyway, so it’s your lucky day and you win a vocal training lesson with Babes Conde who teaches stars like Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Donita Rose and Kit Chan how to sing.

Fann, Christopher, Donita singing?! WTF. She must be a hell of a teacher.

And whats that one hour gonna do? Make you into the next Celine Dion? At best, the next william hung (remember the real american idol? me neither).

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– red ranger