Hallo, Do I look like a matchmaker?

TMD. The reason why I am still single is that everybody is looking at my friends instead. Nothing wrong. Just that it gets kinda irritating when not one but two guys start nudging me to intro my gfs to them.

And when they realise that we work kinda near together, they always suggest lunch together with my gfs of course.

And the worse thing is that my friends will not like their type at all. My friends are doomed to be single forever with their rocket-high requirements.

Tell me how to tell the guys that my friends will not like them cause they are not up to expectations? It is seriously a match that will not work at all.

And poor me have to be tactful to the guy’s side not to injure their ego when I know my friends will scold me for wasting their time.

Oh fuck. Tell me. Do I look like a matchmaker?

And now the guy is insisting on a lunch and my friend is insisting on not going.

Fuck fuck fuck.