Goodbye 2005 Hello 2006

When you see this post, I’ll probably be out somewhere with my friends probably counting down like a bunch of maniacs.

Last year I noted the end of 2004 by making some resolutions;

get a job
party have fun
study harder
learn how to play the guitar
procrastinate less. starting tomorrow

I sorta got a job, i sure had plenty of fun. There was some progress with the ‘learn how to play the guitar’ part but I still couldn’t go past the strumming or whatever you call it. And of course procrastination, there’s no running away from it.

This year, I will

1) get my driving license
2) and possibly my motorbike license
3) do more good deeds
4) get a real job

That should cover everything.

And be grateful, here’s a calendar you guys can print out so you can paste it on your cubicle or refrigerator or anywhere people will paste their calendars.

Your very own hot dates calendar, no shit. Everyone will be so jealous.

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