Girls day out

The group of us went down to suntec to eat and shop. Normal things that we womenfolks always do.

We went to eat at ichiban restaurant. Apparently there is some 5 bucks offer between 3-5.30. Of course we have to gian peng and order the 5 bucks meal. The 5 bucks meal comes with gyoza, coke, miso soup and a rice dish. The food is rather good and so fucking cheap. Looks like I am going to skip lunch and eat an early dinner there very often from now on.

After the satisfying meal, we went to have ben’s and jerry. i think their ice cream is better than Haagen Daaz. Service is impeccable too.

Oh yah, I threw my “eat lesser” plan out of the window the moment I step out of the house. TMD. I better stick to it more.

And it is shopping time! Since I am so kiasu to plan my birthday a few months ahead ( my friends think I am crazy), I decided to start shopping for my birthday dress. I am stingy with spending a great amount for just a dress but for once, my budget is 100 bucks. Normally I buy 6 bucks dress like the one I wore to the party I organised. See how cheapo I am.

In the end, I bought a skirt suit from YEN for less than half the price. 68 bucks for a blazer and a skirt is super worth it right? Somemore good brand. So nice and yet so cheap. Original cost is 158. I am going to tell pple my suit is 158 bucks and mutter silently in my head “before discount. After discount is 68 bucks.”

Loreal Mascara is going for 11 bucks in robinsons. Half price. Must buy. I buy.

My friends esp Miss Superficial forced me to try this floral black and red halter neck Dorothy Perkins top which is not my style. I looked rather good in it considering I will never try this sort of clothes. Luckily it is a little loose for me and I decided to look for it in other shops.

Cause I found my birthday dress at robinsons.It looked good on the rack. It looked splendid on me taking me and Miss Akkido by surprise.  It felt like the dress to have. There is this connection between the dress and I, it knew it belonged to me. But the dress cost a fucking 89 bucks. I know I said the budget is 100 bucks but  it is still too ex. I decided to take a few more days to make my decision. After all, I have a whole 3 months to find the perfect birthday dress. If the dress is 40-50, I would have purchased it straight away. Hopefully the price will drop ( I doubt so. )