Don’t push my limits

I checked my bank account and there is still no sign of my salary despite an assurance for my salary to be banked in on the 3rd.


I called CUte Guy and scolded him and he dared to tell me it isnt his responsibility. Mrs Lim do not accept tardiness in work at all. Accounts is your bloody area and it includes employees’ wages. Doesnt ACCA teach him that?

And he still doesnt believe that I have got no money. Must I show him my fucking bankbook which shows a glorious 3 digit figure of 8 bucks and the few miserable cents I have got? ($8.32 dollars still considered 3 digit figure. )

Asshole. I have been trying to survive on the meagre amount I have left in cash. There isnt even enough cash to top up my EZ link card and some asshole can just conveniently forget to bank in my pay.

I wanted to message wang wang to get him to ensure that cuteguy will bank in my salary by today. If not for Miss Pooh and a few others, I would have text that sms. Wang wang loves to scold his employees and I am sure cute guy would have been scolded to a watery pulp by Wang wang.

On account of the fact that I dislike wang wang more than cute guy, I decided to let the matter go and not inform wang wang. For the moment.

I went to watch Elizabethtown with Miss Sporty and Miss Pooh and another friend. There are better movies to watch. My mood was further worsened at Cineleisure. Let’s just say that a complaint letter has been fired to them. Nope, nothing to do with their staff.

And when I reached home to switch on my laptop, the internet did not connect even after a strong signal was detected. 30 minutes was then spent fighting off spyware and adware from my laptop. My killing instincts are at a all-time high with the angry incidents I experienced all day.