I am going to get diabetes soon. Not that I am getting too sick of my sweet self, quite the contrary instead since sweet is never an adjective for me.
Due to insommia last night, I struggle to keep awake all day.

3 cups of milos and 1 cup of coffee.

It screams sugar overload.

I made my passport yesterday. Went to the ICA building and the online system they now have just made things so much faster. Minimal queueing except for photo-taking which turned out superbly nice due to my thick makeup.

After which one of the OCean’s 11 has her birthday and we went to ding tai fung to celebrate. Since it was drizzling when I was in the bus, I called Mr Fag ( my closest guy palĀ  who is gay ) to bring an umbrella for me. In the end, the light drizzle stopped and he bought the umbrella for nothing.

However the first thing he said to me was ” My goodness, what happened? How come you put on so much weight within the past one month? Jeans don’t look flattering on you. It is better that you stick with skirts.”

Wa lau. What a nice thing to say to a friend whom you haven’t seen in 1 mth. -_______-

ANd now, I am on this cut carbohydrates-cause-they-are-evil-diet.

Somehow we mentioned about periods and I confided in him that I am having them now. And he said ” again “. Seems like we tend to meet during my periods. Weird. And we don’t meet often.

Thus Mr Fag and I arrived the lastest at paragon which led to endless teasing by the rest. They just wish that some sparks will bloosom between the 2 of us although he is obviously more interested in dicks than boobs.

Desert was at baker’s inn again at paragon. I was like there the day before for Miss Sporty’s birthday.