Detox I will eat lesser

After so much sinful food on sat, I decided enough is enough. My face started to protest against all the oily food I have subjected my body to. Behold the volcanic eruptions beneath my lips. It only smacks of heatiness and ugliness.

Went to catch King Kong after my tuition session with my cousin. She did well for her A maths and hence this is a treat for her. Movie and Dinner.

King Kong was expected. Super good. It lived up to the hype everybody was saying.

I just loved the plot of beauty and the beast.

Too bad my bladder started to give me probs during the 3 hrs. Being stuck in the middle of the row, I decided to just ignore the urge to pee and concentrate on the movie.

However as the movie progresses, I started to relieve myself right in the movie threatre. Eeeeks.

I cried lah. What you all thinking? *smacks everybody* Urinating is the removal of urine which is water right? Crying is the removal of tears which is mainly water also. Difference is the slight minerals and level of salt as well as the passageway of disposal.

Okie, abit gross. However the movie touched me. Specifically King Kong touched me. The show proved that beasts can learn to love as well. All the attempts by King Kong to save Ann incurring injuries as a result just made my heart melt. One of the few movies which made me cry buckets.

I forgot about the nachos. Let me warn everybody not to eat the nachos at Cathay Causeway Point. Unless you like orange coloured watery cheese which somehows does not taste like cheese at all. It is quite hard to go wrong with nachos but kudos to cathay causeway point for making the nachos so unforgetable and puke-worthy.

Dinner was at Jack’s Place. Steak was good.

After which it was chinese new year shopping. I pass by metro and was utterly shocked by all the ugly red clothes which have landed. Damn it. Christmas clothes are much nicer but I was broke then. Nevertheless I managed to find a pair of jeans and a skirt.

Shopping with my mum later ( too lazy )and dinner with Miss Superficial, Miss Eloquent, Miss mono-high-pitched, Miss Lab and many others later.

Initially I had wanted to detox today after all the horrible food I have eaten. Quite sure that I have put on weight but when I step on the weighing scale this morning, I am still the same. Yipee! No more dieting.