CNY syndromes

I am officially suffering from over-eating-of-pineapple-tarts-and-bak-kwa. And it is bad, cause my stomach seems to be forever bloated. After eating so much pineapple tarts and bak kwas, my mouth is sure to feel thirsy and bravo, drink lotsa soft drinks.

I am so going to gain 5 kg this festive season.

And as usual besides all the eating, we still have to say hallo and wish some greetings to our relatives. And relatives somehow have the thinking that we are deaf people (cause I am not supposed to hear what they say?) or they are blind people cause they can’t see ME in front of them.
” EH, did you see the Mrs LIm? How come she put on so much weight?”

EH, hallo. I am in front of you. I don’t think I put on weight eating glass which makes me transparent.

I am going to check myself in a gym after this festive period.

But I still have fun this CNY catching up with cousins. Like asking my blond hair cousin why he so ah beng. Playing guessing games with soft drinks and food being the forfeits. Playing with my baby cousins. Laughing loudly when we ask the younger relatives to guess our age.

“eh, guess Mrs LIm’s SIS ( not me! Haha! ) how old?”


Everybody bursts out laughing.

“How come she is 28?”

“cause her face looks like a 8. ANd her hair tells us she is a 20 something years old.”

KIDS say the darnest things.