Budding Actress

My poor little sister has to take photographs as part of her school project. And it must be professional looking cause it is graded by a professional. ANd my poor sister doesn’t even take nice pics at all. wahahaha.

And since she has to work on a theme “water”, I suggested tears to her as part of the pics she has to take. And of course I volunteered to be the crying model.

We were chatting via msn ( although we are both at home ) when I suggested that she come over to my room right away as I was ready to cry for her. And in less than a minute, I turned on the water taps for her. Budding actress huh? Eh, somemore I was in a good mood previously before I cried for her project.

And since she has to take pics of my emotions and all, she zoomed in and took pics of all my big pores. Now her class will know that she got a sis with huge pores.

She better photoshop my photos for me.

This pic is supposed to protray the tears swelling up in my eyes. Her camera not very clear. Can see the tears?