Aunt Agony

I have sort of turned into aunt agony between two close gay friends of mine. Apparently Mr Fag rejected Mr West ( Haven introduced him before ) and Mr West took it quite badly. He was crying over the phone just now. 🙁

The weird part is that I knew Mr West through Mr Fag and we became quite close.

So Mr West is depressed now and thinks he is a pest cause Mr Fag went to sms another friend to tell him to knock some sense into Mr West.

Hopefully things will calm down after a while. I don’t think it will turn out well.

Moving on to less depressing things. I watched American IDol yesterday and it was a bagful of laughs.

I laughed the hardest at the paris-hilton-britney-spears-bimbo lookalike. Simon was obviously mean to her when he kept asking about the tan. And the catty sounds and comments they made after she left was mean but oh so funny. Apparently, I saw her auditioning again and she sang Lady Mamalade. Hair style and clothes are changed but that horrible tan, screechy voice and ghastly makeup is unforgetable. She was making such catty remarks about American Idol after the first audition. Apparently her ditsy head forgot after less than 3 days cause she auditioned the second time.

And what was Paula and Randy thinking when they allowed the jumpy guy in? I expressed Simon’s sentiments as well.

And I thought the statue of liberty sang well. Erm, the first 2 words sounded good before simon cut him. I guess he got the shortest audition.

I will be coming home early to catch American Idol now.