3rd day of CNY

This morning is like a ghost town.  I expected it. After all people do not wake up at 7 plus in the morning of a public holiday.

The train station is pleasantly quiet and quaint.

The entire row was empty. So many seats for once.

Spot the MRT irritant with the handphone plastered to his ear. Obviously the person third from the left. The whole train carriage was entertained by his voice throughout the trip. Definitely not pleasing at all.

Esp when I was grouchy from being unable to sleep in.

My friend in US msned me and told me she is coming back on 28th April. Of course I am glad since this meant that we can pig out together on indian food. And not forgetting to shop. WHich is precisely what we did last year.

I have been having second thoughts on whether I should really go to India. There are so many things holding me back even if it is for a few months.

My parents would prefer that I remain in Singapore
My tuition kids would have to have some other tutor to teach them for the few months. Loss of income from the tuition kids no doubt added on to my worries.

Cost of the trip.

But 2 things made me come to a decision straight away. Firstly, there was a news article about SM Goh encouraging Singaporeans to invest and do business in India.  Secondly, someone told me about AQ. Adversity Quotient and how this will be more important than EQ and IQ.
I want to make it. I want to prove that I can survive. I want to push beyond my comfort zone. I will suffer no doubt. Being mindful of my suffering will only push my desire for survival.

Wish me luck.