2nd Year of New Year

Looks like everybody grew sick of Chinese New Year after all this years.

This year for a change, we went to East Coast Medicentre to visit my grand-aunty. We bought oranges there although we are not supposed to give oranges this year. My aunty said that it looks weird for us not to give my grand-aunty any oranges when we visit her. And thus we broke tradition.

After which we went to my Big Auntie’s house for lunch. As usual, I spent this time to catch-up with my cousins. And we gorged ourselves on food again. I feel like I am having PMS the whole CNY season as I feel so bloated all the time.

And one of my cousin had gastric or some tummy ache and the whole family( I mean all the aunties and uncles) started nagging at her to eat her meals regularly. Moral of the story is not to get sick at family gatherings CAUSE your parents and their siblings ( your aunties and uncles) will nag at all. Super COMBO!

After which the extended family came over to my house to have dinner. And as hosts, we  have to offer new year goodies to our guests right?

My house this year happen to have moudly pineapple tarts. My mum realise that 2 pineapple tarts have grown moudly already. However she did not tell the rest of the family. Hence I went to serve moudly pineapple tarts to the guests before my mother confessed to us. And I think I better start praying for my relatives. Cause the mould apparently spread to the rest of the pineapple tarts and it was consumed!!!

Then I served some other cny goodies to my relatives before one of them said” eh, grow mould already.”

Luckily she was the first one I served.

Hence the rest of the goodies were thrown away.

WALAU. My year this year got so many mouldy goodies I also damn sian. Cause it means that the leftovers I cannot eat already.

And I have to entertain my younger cousins. WHich meant I have to sit through re-runs of movies. They nicknamed me “the entertainer.” How nice of them!