2006 will be a fat year

If the way 2006 will be is based on what I do on the first day of 2006, I get a rough idea of my 2006 year.

Firstly, I will be grossly fat and put on tons of weight.
Secondly, I have to invent some sort of weighing machine cause the normal weighing scale won’t be able to measure my weight anymore.
Thirdly, I got to start making my own clothes since i will probably outgrow all the clothes in the departmental store.
Fourly, I will whine about my weight but won’t do anything about it.

Because today is the new year, I decided to spoil myself with food.

I ate
1) carrot cake for breakfast
2) star bucks coffee for breakfast
3) mc wings meal for lunch complete with coke and fries
4) fried rice and fried hokkien mee with millions of prawns ( Big Boss bought it for us. )
5) Edited: Fried hokkien mee for supper
6) Edited : Cheese cake for supper
7) Edited : Royal CHocolate cake for supper

Tell me I am such a pig.

Miss Pooh just pronouced worrier as warrior. She proclaimed she is just a warrior. Wahahaa!