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mr lim always wanted to see his name on some publication, like some legitimate paper like Business Times or magazine like Esquire. So this evening after school, his friend messaged him.


And not many things went through his mind. The first thing was, why is his friend so excited? mr lim haven’t met that friend for quite some time, could it be that Miyagi obtained some naked photos of mr lim and wrote an article (published in Today) telling everyone that mr lim did a Sarong Party Girl (SPG) so now mr lim was a Sarong Party Boy (SPB)?

mr lim dare not think further. An innocent and upright man’s reputation was at stake here.

mr lim quickly went online as he got home and directly went to Miyagi’s blog and to his relieve, it was just a quote from mr lim’s piece on putfile. Thanks man. Heng heng you never find my naked photos.

Vote for miyagi. Is there still time?

Miyagi if you don’t win never mind, mr lim will buy you a tiara next time we meet (or coffee, whichever you prefer).

TODAY: You�re banned, Singapore! [Miyagi]
You’re banned, Singapore! [Today]

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