work gossip

Omg omg omg, I just realised that wang wang is having a relationship with Miss Feisty from the office.

And being the stupid idiot I am, I went to tell Miss Feisty that she is so zai at scolding wang wang. And gave her 2 thumbs up.


Luckily I know it early and won’t commit any more faux pas.

But wang wang is such a mean person. He introduce her to people as his colleague instead of his girfriend in front of her. Granted she is not very pretty but she is fun and nice to be with. Superficial wang wang who is also not very goodlooking. Or maybe he just wants to be known as single so he can pick up more girls. Or he is very uptight about his private life which definitely cannot be so since he looked like the type which will declare his attached status. And Miss Feisty definitely will not mind people knowing she is attached.

I am not as tolerant as Miss Feisty. I definitely will not take this sort of shit from guys. I will think that he is ashamed of me. Jerkass.

Anyway, this piece of information was so shocking to Miss Pooh and I cause there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all. No sign of lovey doovey. Very professional looking relationship.

How wrong I was.

Furthermore the office has so little staff and Miss Feisty is working directly under wang wang. Messy messy messy. As for me, my principle is not to fuck and work at the same place. But if it is at big office and different depts, then it is not so bad. But definitely not my direct superior.

Miss Pooh and I being hard-core singles ( you will morph into this after being single for a freaking long time) are damn cynical about relationships. Miss Pooh started wondering whether Miss Feisty thought of the consequences if they broke up. Her brain functions the same way as me cause I will forever be thinking about breakups. But people in love especially freshly in love got better things to think about eg anniversaries and bleah bleah bleah to consider the dire consequences. Being a hard-core single turned me into some cynical bitch. Argh!

Miss Pooh and I being such kay-po-mongers are having a good time in the office observing Miss Feisty and wang wang. More updates coming.