WordPress fucks up

So I was just living my life, you know, the usual stuff like saving the world and promoting world peace.

Then this morning I woke up and for some reason unbeknownst to mankind, I sensed something was amiss and went to take a look at my post pages and…

Not Found
The requested URL /2005/12/25/ho-ho-ho/ was not found on this server.


I took a look around the WordPress Support forums and found that it’s quite a common problem but somehow, no solution.

So being not very tech-inclined, I’ve already e-mailed my ever reliable hosting company for help.

So meanwhile, if you want to go to my ‘HO HO HO’ post page instead of visiting the link


You must add the ‘index.php’ in between instead.


Addendum: Same goes for monthly archives, pages and everything, throw the ‘index.php’ in between as well. This is more troublesome than I thought it’ll be. Damn.

They tell me it’s a scripting problem and now everything’s pretty screwed up. So I’ve remove all the crap temporary.

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