Who is Mrs Lim?

mr lim knows he’s a very charming guy. It’s an undeniable fact.

You know how relationships usually goes? Guy meets girl, guy falls in love with girl, they kiss/hold hands/do the naughty thing, then he proposes, then get married. Then maybe have a baby or three for the baby bonus.

And all mr lim did was take a glance at her and say four words. And he blew her mind off and he got the girl. Or you could read her version of how we ended up together but it’s mostly weird ideas coming out of her mind.

She’s a more rabid blogger than me. Her england bery powderful, more so than mine. And she can come up with brilliant poems about herself that I wouldn’t be able to, ever. The photos she took of herself are so sexy that mr lim almost bleed nose.

mr lim is tempted to post them up and share with you guys but he decides he will only post them up when mr and mrs lim breakup one day.

So go visit her blog, add her feed to your bloglines and leave a message on her tagboard telling her you love her too. Please?

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