What sort of drunk are you?

There is the EMOTIONAL drunk.

There is the UNCONSCIOUS drunk.


There is the VIOLENT drunk.

I am just a FUNNY drunk.

Some of the funny things I do include exclaiming loudly a couple of times to the ENTIRE party room


In fact Miss Eloquent’s Boobies.

The weird thing was that I was thinking in the beginning that we should have a drunk and our party will be more memorable. In the end, I turned out to the the drunk.

The party went on smoothly for most of the people. (Certain people didnt enjoy as they do not know most of the other people. )

I got drunk cause we played the ” I have never” game in which people who have done the things mentioned have to drink. Nabeh. My friends all decided to sabo me and 2 full rounds were targeted at me. Which meant that I was mostly the only one drinking 36 times in a row. I drank kalau neat which had 20%. My friends managed to find 36 things which affected me only. Evurl things. Miss Pooh helped some of the other people think of things to sabo me. After that game, I just went to the toilet to merlion and everybody knew. 🙁

so paiseh.

Mr Different Wavelength lectured me on msn about my drinking habits and how I always drink with no control. 🙁

And lady’s luck is not with me today.

  • Miss Pooh and I went down to suntec carrefour only to realise that it is closed for stock-taking.
  • Not to mention, I lost the most number of times for the guessing number game ( chao qi mi ma ). What are the chances when there are more than 10 numbers to choose from? Argh, I always get the jackpot number.
  • And for the Indian Poker game, my card will drop and be shown since I am clumsy and it is forfeit time again. Alchohol again.
  • Some of the 36 stuff which I did
    1) Got hit on by a po-piah hawker
    2) Did not know how to use SAM machine
    3) wear a polka dot dress
    4) act as a mistress for a past uni school project
    5) acknowledged that I am a M-A-M-A-S-A-N.
    6) worked in a coffee shop before.

    I got more xmas presents from Miss Superficial and Miss Mono-High Pitch Voice.
    Miss Superficial got me a clutch, a pair of earrings and a badge.
    Miss Mono-High Pitch Voice got me a nice angel $3.50 ( perth currency) magnet, a card and a small cup which says ” party babe.”

    Miss Superficial just said that I am still highly drunk and in denial. I cant wait to see all my embarassing photos which I had taken especially the one with me peering down Miss Eloquent’s chest.

    I still want to see Boobies.

    I shall digress and talk about dress code. Our dress code for the night was dress. In my own words when I sent out the invites, ” dress code so dress lor”. In the end, the 3 hosts turned up in dresses with a couple more people tricked. The rest just turned up in semi-formal skirts with the exception of Miss Pooh. Miss Pooh being a helper decided to abuse the little authority she has and come dressed in *gasp* a pair of jeans and black tee-shirt. Some guys were tricked into business attires. Haaaaaa!