weekends tire me

Despite the weekends being a time to rest my body and soul, I end up being more tired due to the flurry of activities lined up.

ok, first up on sat. A birthday party. I got up early to prepare the food cause it is a potluck. Glad to say that I am quite a good cook this time cause I cheated with Maggi.

On sun,I was out the whole day. Lunch was at spaghettis at paragon. Definitely worth the money cause the portions are quite huge. Restaurants shouldnt expand so fast just for the sake of expanding. During their expansion, quality somehow dips and everything will end up tasting like fast food. That is why I never go to cartel anymore.

Lunch date with uni friends were good. It’s a nice time to catch up since we have been quite busy with our own lives. After lunch, we went to shop. I got 2 ties for Mr Think-he-is-charming-hamsem-cute-likeable-innocent from taka. There is alot of sales now. The ties were only going for 24 bucks altogether although the usual price was 65. Woot! Such a bargain. Afterwhich the present was nicely wrapped up by the elves. Miss Eloquent calls the nice people at taka who provides free wrapping services as elves cause they all look so hardworking. It doesn’t help that they are dressed alike in green aprons.

Then it was time to head down to PS to get ready for my dinner appointment. I was 2 hrs early. I went to spotlight to search for my jewellery box but it was overpriced. 18 bucks for a plain wooden box is a total rip-off. Sigh. In the end, i bought my perfume from John Little after walking around.

Dinner was with Ocean’s 11 so named because there are 11 of us. But only 8 of us came to celebrate the birthday. Dinner was at Lao Bei Jing at PS. The food is super good. The service is super good. The waitress was patient to explain the dishes to us before we order. I think we took about 15 minutes to take our orders with endless questions. And we changed one order last minute which they did it for us without complaining or showing a black face. Quite priceless since Crystal Jade’s waitresses have Permanent PMS or permanent mood swings when I dine with them. One waitress at Crystal Jade Kitchen even scolded me before cause I missed my queue number. Of course she got duly complained by me to the manager. Maybe it is the expand too fast theory that I have.

People looking for quality chinese food with reputable service should go to Lao Bei Jing. The food is not cheap but definitely worth it. In the end the tab came up to 200 bucks for 8 people. Quite alright for we ordered
1) peking duck ( 48 bucks. A must have although the price is steep.)
2) sichuan chicken
3) 3 types of mushrooms with oyster sauce
4) tofu with seafood on hot plate
5) fried beijing vegeterian style noodles
6) noodles ( can’t remember the name though.)
7) xiao long bao
8) deep fried eel ( crunchy. Doesnt taste like eel)

Yes, I am anal about service. But I normally just tolerate bad service unless it pushes my limits.

Lao Beijing has attentive staff. Being a klutz, the tea cup slipped from my hands and the hot tea spilled on the table. Being such a drama queen, I screamed and immediately the waiters rushed to my table to wipe the mess. Being a person with fast reflex, I prevented the cup from smashing onto the floor.

Another Boohoo of the night was when I asked the waiter whether the Lu Mian ( noodles cooked in a black sauce known as lu zhi) was cooked with lu zhi. My whole dinner table just burst out laughing. -____________-

I always do such silly things which is why Miss Eloquent calls me cheap entertainment.