Tis the season to fall sick

finally I got time to recap my festive weekend.

Eve of Christmas Eve

Miss Pooh and I got half day off from work. We rushed to town to watch the Chronicals of Narnia. I haven’t read the book yet but this is just my style, to watch movies without reading the book.

I have to say that Narnia is fantastic. It is a movie I will watch even when I am damn poor. I got a turkish delight to devour during the movie but sad to say, I misplaced it in my messy bag and only found it one day later. 🙁

Yup, so get a packet of turkish delights while watching the movie.

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narnia, originally uploaded by mrslim.

I passed by this narnia exhibition at orchard after watching the movie.

After the movie, it was dinnertime with the taitais. We had dinner at this Jap restaurant called Shimbashi Soba which serves one of the best soba in town. This jap restaurant is oppposite Spaghettis. The food is very good, the service is very good ( my ice water got refilled alot of times very quickly), the price is not so good. But you pay for quality and service so we shouldnt nitpick about the price so much.

At the dinner table, Miss Tall-and-thin was talking about this guy friend whom we all know and the inklings of some sparks occuring between them. She said that she was the one who smsed him out. Upon hearing that, I exclaimed, ” CANNOT,you must PLAY HARD TO GET!”

I think I exclaimed abit too loudly cause the table beside us which has a couple sitting was visibly amused at what I said.

After which we headed to ngee ann city to watch the christmas christian play. I realised in relation to my previous post that the cute performer was asking who is NOT from singapore in which I raised my hand. Tmd tmd. I thought he asked who was from singapore. No wonder my taitais were visibly takened back and embarassed when I raised my hand.

Christmas Eve

I gave tuition the whole day even though I was sick. Nuff said.

Christmas Day

I went to Miss Tall-and-thin’s church service even though I am a non-christian. Miss Teh prepared me for the church service by telling me that there will be hands held in the air, jumping and prayer in tongues.

I only turned a little uncomfortable when the pastor asked christians to raise their hands and look around to see who did not raise their hands. Of course, I was the only one at the table. It was abit unnerving to see eyes on me. But I was prepared for that since my christian primary school had provided apt training ground for me. Nevertheless, Miss Tall-and-thin egged me to stand up when the pastor asked for those people who wanted to be touched by Jesus and God to stand up. I just told her I am not ready which she respected my decision. Maybe one day I will turn christian but I am happy being taoist at the time being.

It was my first christmas at a church and it is a different sort of christmas I must say. A non-commercialised sort of christmas.

After the church service which lunch was served, Miss Teh, Miss tall-and-thin and her cousin and I adjourned to east coast to have some desert at secret recipe.

Miss Sporty the other taitai was down with the runs.

Miss Teh and Miss tall-and-thin bought me a very nice teeshirt from localbrand which suits me to a T.

The taitai-in-training t-shirt. ( I will post pictures of the teeshirt later)

Boxing Day

I am such a pig. I slept from 7 pm on xmas to 12 noon today. A whopping 17 hrs of sleep. It must be the flu medicine I ate.

I am supposed to meet my friends later for a birthday celebration but I am still hesitating whether to go. Firstly, no $. Secondly, no energy since I just drank a cocktail of 2 panadols and 1 flu tablet. Thirdly, I need alot of rest since I am working overnight on tues.

enjoy your last day of holiday peeps.

Edit: No, I didnt go out in the end. I finished the packets of brownies, cookies and muffins that my friends gave me in a span of a day. I realised that I did not send out any xmas sms greeting at all this xmas despite receiving so many. This xmas for once is a quiet affair.