Tips on where to illegal park

I just recalled the funny exchange between Mr-think-he-is-charming and Mr Jie Mei with regards to parking.

Illegal Parking I mean.

We will having some problems finding the car park on thurs when we were given the choice of parking at

1) double yellow line inside some lane where we cannot really watch the car. Fine 60 bucks

2) loading bay inside the same lane where we still cannot watch the car. However there is a lorry at the loading bay parking illegally already . Fine 100 bucks.

3) as suggested by Mr Jie Mei. In front of the bus stop where there are a whole string of taxis parking illegally for customers. The car will be directly in front of us about 30 metres away. Fine ( alot alot alot according to Mr Think he is charming )

We chose number 2 since both cars hid behind the lorry.

Mr Think he is charming thinks that Jie Mei is crap to suggest number 3 as the summon will be damn ex and since it is damn illegal to park at the bus stop along the main road. However, when we leave the place, we saw some cars parking at the bus stop. WTF.

Upon which Mr Jie Mei now feels he gave a fantastic suggestion.

Luckily I don’t drive yet. Ha!