Sucky Baker

My banana muffins has an overdose of baking soda which resulted in the bitter after taste.

My huge gingerbread man has an overdoes of baking soda and gingerbread man power which resulted in a super bitter during-and-after taste.

I blame all this on Chemistry.

You see, when Mrs Lim was still sweet 17 and 18, she took JC Chemistry which required her to do various chemical experiements. I have the super Kiasu mentally. Since there is little time to do the experiments, I always take alot of reagents to do my experiments just in case there is no reaction.

And therefore old habits die hard.

As I was baking, I decided to overdose some aspects of the ingredients in case the taste can’t be penetrated. I thought that more is more.

Which is right except that more ingredients ( baking soda and gingerbread man power ) meant that it is more bitter.

My banana muffin is almost finished as I bought it to the office. It had only a slight bitter after taste.

My gingerbread man will not see daylight. It is fucking horrible to eat. If I ever let anyone else eat it, they will think I added bittergourd to it. And the worse part I got 2 larger-than-my-hands gingerbread man to eat by myself. And don’t suggest that I should throw it away cause Mrs LIm do not have a habit of wasting food even horrible inedible tasting food. Gingerbread men aren’t exactly the healthiest food on Earth. Therefore, I will grow fat from eating such horrible tasting stuff.

To make my gingerbread men more palatable, I added quite alot of golden syrup and icing sugar. More calories. TMD.

I just realised after chatting with my colleague that golden syrup can be subsituted for corn syrup. -____________- I saw golden syrup while searching high and low for corn syrup for a fruitless 2 hrs.

I found my vanilla wafer biscuits which I bought. Hence, I got 3 extra packet of chocolate wafer biscuits which I decide not to use for the rum balls. More calories. Grow fat.

I bought a huge packet of icing sugar and realised that there is another huge packet waiting for me at home which I bought eons again ( still edible )

I got bad baking luck this year.

My sister was right about my track record of horrible cooking and baking. Isn’t it amazing that someone not blessed in the cooking department still loves to bake and cook so fast?

Gingerbread man still anyone?

PS: My mother decided to wash up for me as I was still baking at midnight. I think she decided to give me some support as she can see my despondent look. But she refused to support me by eating my gingerbread man:(

PPS: I am having running nose again. Damn. Spoil the holiday festive mood.