Stress is Out, Play is in!!!

Finally, all the shitty stuff is gone yesterday and I can finally step into town and enjoy the xmas lightings. I was so damn buzy that I haven’t seen the orchard xmas lightings yet.

Town is so damn frigging full. Lots and Lots of people. I don’t really love crowds and I get people-scared if there is too much people. But I am going to India ( I hope so !) and thus I need to get used to having lots of people.

I watched Prime on Sat with a group of friends. Movie was alright but there was bad editing by the directors. Microphones can be seen hanging at the top for about 4-5 scenes. There was a particular scene when meryl steep had closed the lid of the tupperware, and the few seconds later, the lid was open without her opening.

After the movie, I just headed home. Drinking was out. I felt kinda bad because I told everyone I will be going down for hooting and I didn’t turn up in the end. For once, I heeded my body. Health is important and I have been neglecting it.

I decided to stay off internet yesterday when I reached home. Cause I know that I will be online for a couple of hours instead of having my much needed rest.

I have been feeling homely and family-oriented. I visited my maternal grandmother after half a year of not visiting her. I was busy but I know that is an excuse. Since all my work has been sorted, today’s a good time to visit her. I must say that she is surprised to see me.

Tomorrow, I took leave to spent time with my paternal grandmother. I forced her to eat take-ins from chinese restaurants. wahaha. You know how old people is so anal about eating food they cook themselves. My grandmother is like that. She complains about the msg and such. Shopping with my 13 year old cousin after the lunch.

I am quite afraid to go on msn cause all my friends will be asking me to meet up with them. Looking at my schedule, I can only sigh that my year end is going to be freaking packed with outings and glad that I have so many good friends.

Lucky is me 🙂