some happier stuff

I know I have been mechanolic these few days. It is the weather.

anyway, I went to a chalet last night and it was great. I had so much fun. Work is taking a toll on me. I went out recently with friends and they commented that I looked tired, dead and bothered.

anyway I get to know this asian expat and we are supposed to meet up a long long time ago. But this asian expat loves to meet empty promises. Although he said he might go down to a pub ( which I may be going down later ), he did not and I was not surprised when he ignored my smses. Hmm, he asked to be invited to an outing recently and as usual he did not turn up. Let’s just say that I am not surprised since he has such a track record.

Update: someone else from the company told me about Miss Fiesty and wang wang being attached. But I know that the someone already know. Understand? I still can’t detect the sparks of love between them. I am highly sensitive to such stuff leh. Like how I detected that the guy in my company is gay the first day I saw him. I told Miss Pooh so and she refused to believe me. And someone who worked in the company for a long time told us that the guy likes men. Heh! Aint my detecting skills damn powerful? My gaydar can sniff out even the most closeted gays. That can only come with having close gay friends and being a fag hag.
and tomorrow I am going to PARTY OF THE YEAR.

I got tickets for the prelaunch party of MOS. So I wll be heading down tomorrow to shake my booty. But before that I will be having dinner with a few interesting guys. I so nice get for them the tickets to MOS. Yah, I will be the only girl there tomorrow. The guys are damn cow dung to treat me as part of the brotherhood and somehow my name as the word bro appearing in front of it.

This guys must die die intro

Mr Think-he-is-charming-hamsem-cute-likeable-innocent

He got the most mentions among my guys friends yet. Not particularly close to him but he did something which made for a great dinner time story. We are all meeting up tomorrow cause it is his birthday soon.

yah and this Mr-Think-he-is-charming always ask me to introduce girls to him. ( Actually got alot of guys ask me that question. ) I am quite a nice friend to my girlfriends and will not introduce guys not worth knowing. Haaaa!

Anyway this guy ( together with mr jie mei and some others ) went out to drink for my birthday. Since he was driving, he sent me home. Then we went to a petrol kiosk and he mentioned that he has no cash to pay for petrol. 10 bucks only, I lent it to him. But some people are just downright cheapskate. The next morning when I told him to transfer the 10 bucks into my bank account, he said ” I thought you paying for petrol?”

Thanks alot man. Ask me to pay for petrol on my birthday.

Mr Jie Mei

This guy friend is one of my closer ones from uni. He is the one who kept on putting the word bro in front of my name. -_____-

jie mei had his first gf at 24. I met his gf before and I must say he is damn lucky to have found such a simple girl. He is very frightened of girls my type since we have super high expectations.

In his words ” You all ah ( referring to me and another good friend ) wants only rich,handsome and ang moh guys. Tell me how to find?”

My standards in guys have since dipped. The new requirements are rich OR handsome. Any race is alright. But I digress.

Mr Jie Mei summed up the pay-petrol incident within Mr Think-he-is-charming and me best in our msn conversation.

Mrs Lim: fuck man
Mrs Lim: i refuse to pay for petrol
Mrs Lim: he machiam taxi driver

Jie Mei: where got
Jie Mei: he is kind enought not to charge u mid nite liao loh
Jie Mei: u should be grateful to him
Jie Mei: thou u have to pay
Jie Mei: u are paying at a discount below market rate
Jie Mei: so u ought to thanks him
Jie Mei: LOLOL

and then I irritated Jie Mei by telling him I will be blogging about him. He has been trying to find out my blog add which I refused to tell him.

Mr Different wavelength

Quite obvious from his nick that alot of people don’t usually understand his ideas. But he is a nice guy so we ask him out for outings. Nothing much about him except he is damn rich. 1 s class mercs and 1 E class mercs at home. Stay at the most expensive avenue in Singapore also. Woot! But he is not a spendthrift and do not treat any of the gang to drinks or dinner. We all go dutch and pay our own.

Mr Emotional

This guy is worth an entry on its own. He is not joining us tomorrow though. But he discourages my life and asked me why I club and drink so much. A typical line from Mr Emo will be ” What is so nice about clubbing? You breathe in second hand smoke and will die younger.”

and these guys are company for my dinner and clubbing later. Mr Think-he-is-charming is driving. Let’s see whether he will ask me to pay for petrol.