I am fully well-rested today. I like to have a full day free from work where I indulge myself in doing things I like.

Firstly, I met my 13 year old cousin to buy some take aways at Ding Tai Fung before proceeding to NTUC to get ice cream and soft drinks. We are really such huge eaters.

I bought 10 xiao long baos, 10 shrimp and pork dumplings, 1 pork chop la mian and 1 shrimp fried rice. Quite alot of food for 1 super hungry Mrs Lim and 3 other “I-have-eaten-some-poridge-already” people.

My paternal grandmother refuses to eat with us at the restaurant which resulted in me da paoing. She thinks that it is cumbersome to take a cab just to go there and eat and come home. But as long as she eats the Ding Tai Fung, I am alright with where I eat the food.

My 13 year old cousin is supposed to shop with me after lunch. But there was rain for a while, tv time for a while, laziness due to bloated stomachs for a while and in the end, we didnt shop at all. We fell asleep at my grandmother’s house instead. Yes, that is a telltale sign that I am getting older.

On another note, Granny loves the coffee ice cream I bought. Whoa hoo!!!

And just as I thought that I have to shop alone, I decided to text Miss Eloquent and she was very on about shopping with me in 2 hours time. An impromptu affair. I love the fact that Miss Eloquent stays just a couple of blocks away from me besides the fact that she is a special friend which has been with me since my secondary school days.

Thus in the end, we went shoe shopping because my fave pair of high heels spoilt. I got myself another pair and in Miss Eloquent’s words ” The shoes are very you. With flower bits. Looks tai tai.”

But the shoes has heels about 6-7 cm. That’s abit too high for my liking. But nevertheless, since the shoes personify me plus it has transparent heels ( totally see through) made me part with my cash very willingly. Miss Eloquent got herself a sweet looking pair of heels.

And then we went to NTUC ( second time in a day for me) to get ingredients for my kebabs. I got to try out the recipe I found online before I bring it to the party this sat. My friends are still scarred from the sushi I made last time. Yes, I know it is hard to screw sushi up but I did.

And of all things, I forgot to buy satay sticks. I will just grill the chicken cubes and see how it taste. Marinating it takes 8 hours. Gosh, it better turn out nice!

Tomorrow I will be transferring to another dept together with a colleague Miss Pooh. Hmmm, more bitching about work from tomorrow onwards.

My sister and I are msning each other now cause I am supposed to be asleep on my bed in a dark room. My dad is anal about me getting enough sleep which resulted in me pretending to sleep. My sister is in the next room. So far yet so near. Thank god for msn!