Party Party Party

*Heavily edited cause I missed out alot of stuff. And not to mention horrible spelling. Edited portion in bold italics.*
Lots of interesting things happened. Let me recount the past 2 days.


I mentioned my fear of dogs before. But today came a small cute white furry dog. It looks like a maltese. Anyway I was afraid of this dog smaller than me by many times initially. When it first came into the office, it was not on a leash and rush to my knees and start licking. I got a fright because I wasn’t expecting a dog at all.

Anyway I got over my fright and started to play with the dog. It looks cute. ( will put up pics soon.) Thus expect my disgust, when after putting the dog on my lap and patting it and discovering small innocent looking shit on the floor where it used to be. I never own a dog before so I am not used to seeing dogs’s shit. Moreover touching a dog which has just shitted. Not to forget I am in my clubbing gear.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeyurrrrrrrrrrrr! ( everybody say it with me.)

Remember the office worker who slept in the office and comes to work late and leaves on time? I just realised she is wang wang’s aunt. But Wang wang’s aunt is nice and cooks food to share with the whole office. And I also just realised that the person whom I thought was the manager is actually wang wang’s father which means he is the big boss. Wang wang’s father is very friendly and hospitable to Miss Pooh and i.Strange that the aunt and wang wang’s father is so different from wang wang.

Miss Pooh and I decided to give our selves decent sounding titles since we have to put this in our resumes. And we decided on Information Systems Consultants. The staff there thought we graduated from engineering or computing. Wahahaha. Good on our ego.

Work was as usual the same. I was looking forward to the after-work activity which was clubbing. It has been quite a long time ( erm, about one month or so ) since I let myself loose. The plan was to go to dlb O to ply ourselves with drinks before heading down to zouk to dance. The main reason was I refused to pay for drinks when there is ladies night at dlb o and I don’t really find mambo that fun. But since my friends wanted to check out the new Zouk, I gave in to peer pressure and went with the flow.

Since we wanted to hoot ourselves silly before going down to zouk ( my friend cant dance if she not high ), we went to dlb o super early.

However I did not drink alot. How to drink alot when
1)one friend patted your tummy and tells you a fact which you already knew that alochol is high in calories and gives you a tummy.
2) another friend keeps reminding you that she cant carry you in case you are drunk.
3) yet another friend tells you about drinking being bad for kidneys and liver
Thus I held back.

Report Drinking Card for Mrs-I-think-I-drink-like-a-fish-Lim
1) 3 tequila shots
2) 3 melon shooters
3) 1 volka
I swear I would have drank much more.

After which we headed down to zouk. Zouk is freaking crowded. We queued for about an hour. Zouk doesnt really looked that different from the last time. But I cant remember how zouk looked like previously also ( last visit was one year ago)

Thus the moment, we went into ZOuk, we headed for the dance floor and did our thang. Clubbing was really fun. Of course there will be some jerkasses who wants to take this opportunity to touch girls on the pretext of the whole dance floor being super packed. HA! I can see past those jerkasses. I will purposely rearrange my friends to be away from that jerkass while putting myself near that jerkass.

Then I will start my routine against jerkasses which is to dance super vigorously and push them away. Believe me, I am really good at that and I simply Don’t care.

Nevertheless zouk was fun fun fun. I hadn’t had so much fun in a long time. We really let down our hair and partied away!

Boohoo of the night was the fact that my top revealed my bra several times and I had to adjust and hold on to my top while dancing vigorously to push jerkasses away.

I am sure no one saw cause it was so freaking dark 🙂 (i know I am deceiving myself. )

However the night ended with a heavy rain. The cabdriver commented that he can’t see the roads and cars at all. It was as if we are driving through a fog with super heavy rain.

And the weird thing is that the start of my period always synchronises with the days I club. Talk about apt timing.


As usual, the chao wang wang set the dog on me. I am beginning to feel that I am allergic to dog fur cause my flu only starts and ends at the office. Hopefully my body will adapt to dog fur soon.

Seeing how scared I am of his precious dog, chao wang wang told the dog to bite me, climb onto me and stuff like that. Stooooopid idiot. He was just mentioning that the dog and I should be kept in a room together. And Horrible Miss Pooh suggested to him that the dog and I be put in a toilet -__________________- Thanks ah, the smallest room in the office somemore. That chao wang wang kept disturbing me with the dog. After a while, I got pek cek and ignored him. Wahahaha. It worked. Guys loved to disturb me cause of my personality according to Miss Pooh. Hmmmm.

After work today, there was another activity. Hahaha, that is why I am so tired. My friend is taking part in a competition at DXO and asked me to support her. There is this free membership thing for DXO which I signed up for. But I don’t believe in free lunches. I am sure there is a catch somewhere. Well, I will wait for them to send me the membership card first.

Ohyah, i remembered something. WHy do tall guys love to stand in front of the stage to watch the competition? The most irritating thing is that tall guys will push their way through just to stand in the front. Excuse me brother, please do not block your much vertically-challenged sisters. And these tall guys will love to push against you. Totally ignorant about personal space.

Another thing is that males tend to help females more than females helping females. Example: I needed to exchange 3 one dollar coins in order to use the lockers. Thus, I went to this eatery nearby which has stores recommended by makansutra. I asked 2 females ( 1 butch and a woman ) to exchange 10 bucks with me with the condition that I have 3 one dollar coins. They refused although their stores had no customers at that point in time. Women are really unhelpful towards their own kind. At that point in time, I got exasperated and decided to approach a guy to exchange cash.Guess what, it worked! The first guy I approached exchanged money with me although his store had customers. Guess my feminine charm and cleavage revealing top worked.

Yawnz. I need more rest.

The weekends seemed very tiring.

Fri- go shopping at NTUC to prepare food for Sat’s dinner party.
Sat- birthday dinner party
Sun- lunch with uni frens, dinner with jc friends to celebrate birthday
Mon-dinner with uni frens
Tues-stay over at granny’s house chalet with friends
Wed-chalet with friends Mr Think-he-is-charming-hamsem-cute-likeable-innocent
Thur- stay over at granny’s house

correction: the following week seems very tiring

PS: This post is littered with gramatical errors and spelling mistakes cause sleep is beakoning beckoning me.