Parkour Santa

Have anyone of you guys ever heard of Parkour? Some sort of extreme sport/martial art where the person leaps and runs around overcoming obstacles ‘beautifully’. Or probably the dumbest thing anyone will do on their own free will.

At one point, mr lim’s brother was totally into this and mr lim even tried it once or twice but it was not meant to be and mr lim strained his back while trying to do some crazy moves and decided that he would not have anything to do with parkour ever.

However, since Christmas is coming real soon, these guys who have too much free time on their hands, dressed up as Santa and did some Parkour through the city.

There was a website and forum specially for the Singaporeans traceurs (what practitioners of parkour are known as) but now it’s no longer available.

Read more about Parkour over at its wikepedia entry.

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