New Year Reflections

I wanted to do some new year resolutions on the spur of the moment after I saw some on my friend’s blogs but I refrain since it will probably be a waste of time. And worse of all, I will end up feeling sorrier that I did not fulfil my resolutions come next year.

This Year had been a bad year.

1) I lost one of my grandparents.
2) My work had been going from bad to worse.
3) I was the victim of a viscious smear campaign which had my superiors implicated.
4) Friendships were lost or deteriorate as we are all too busy with our own lives.
5) I lost track of what I want in life.

On the bright side, I realised I have grown much within the year. Emotionally, mentally and physically ( put on weight. TMD) . With all the shit thrown at me during the year, I have walked away unscathed and ready to face a new year. I am a fighter and I know it.

I decided to give my tuition kid a nice new year eve present by refraining to shout at home even though I was boiling in frustration. Smoke went out of my ears instead.

As for me, I spent the whole day reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. And strangely the last portion of the book, there was a sense of deja vu and I seriously think that I read that part before even though I am sure I haven’t. And that is how I spent my eve.