Miss Pooh made a big boo-hoo today when we left the office. Since both of us are afraid of dogs ( I have since overcomed my fear ), I told her that I spotted a huge dog in the distance. She looked at where I was looking at and told me

” Where got? There are 3 dogs. ”


She had just mistaken 2 other humans as dogs. Whahaha. Her myopia getting from bad to worse.

Of course she was very embarassed with the mistake when we approached the 3 “dogs” with me ribbing about her mistake.

And one of the 2 guys mistaken said hi and bye to us again! Wa lau, today me and Miss Pooh wear like auntie to work leh.

Then Miss Pooh and I went to shop for xmas presents after which we amazed ourselves with our appetites. I refuse to state what we have eaten.

I spent quite abit for xmas liao. My bank account now is a “proud” 99 bucks. I am poor with integrity.