I can’t believe that I changed my msn status to APPEAR OFFLINE the moment my good friend came online so that I can avoid chatting on msn. I know my friend will ask about my grade which I am not in the mood to discuss cause it’s time to sleep and I want to end the day with good memories.

I deleted the msn contact of a crush cause I cant bear to see him online and think wild thoughts about the reasons and meaning behind his nick and why he is not chatting with me.

I deleted his name off my msn list the way I wanted to delete him off my life.

Internet gives you a little more power to manage your life and your emotions.

I know I cant do the above in real life. Help, I am turning into some IT geek:(

(PS: delete is not to be confused with block. When I delete my friend off my msn list, he can still see me online but I cant see him online anymore. After I deleted him more than half a year ago, he only chatted with me once. )