Movie Review: King Kong

Spot the King Kong!

With a few of my friends we met at Plaza Singapura. Thinking it was a Wednesday, we presumed we wouldn’t have any trouble getting tickets. So I didn’t have them help book in advance, though it’s undeniably easy at those AXS stations littered around Singapore. We were so so wrong. Not only were we all separated, we also had the clearest view in the entire theatre. Row 2 and I gotta raise my head for the entire 2+ hours.

This is probably the bestest film I’ve ever watched so all the shit above? It’s still worth it. I mean, a movie by Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings director, were you expecting anything less?

Prepare to be bombarded by a plethora of emotions when watching this. Shock, WTFness, disgust, sadness…

At the end of the film, my eyes were already all watery.

All in all the perfect film to bring your date, love and violence.

I just don’t get one thing; the whole giant gorilla-human love relationship. Quoting my always full of crap insights brother, “Imagine King Kong falling in love with the girl, now imagine you falling in love with a hamster.”

Also if you buy their King Kong popcorn set, you’ll get this beautiful water bottle. Looks like the one Naomi Watts drank from. Woot.

The above passages may contain spoilers.

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