MOS review

Ok, since I am one of the cool people who managed to get the pre-launch invite on the second day, I shall do a review.


  • Interior Decor: 100/10
  • Music: 6.5/10
  • Drinks: 5/10
  • Service: 5/10
  • Now I shall delve into the long-winded account of the day. I need to rant!

    Ok, since I am going to MOS at night straight after work, I have to wear my clubbing clothes to work right? Since my company is cool with my dressing, I can just wear or don’t wear anything I want. Thus decked in my clubbing wear with full warrior makeup and 7 cm heels, I went to work erm… in the industrial area. But I am well-prepared for rude comments from strangers in that area since there are alot of foreign workers there.

    2 incidents

    First was when Miss Pooh and I walked along the stretch of road into our office. There are alot of other factories along the way. One in particular has 4-5 guys sitting outside with music blasting. As they saw Miss Pooh and I, calls of Ah Mui started to sound. Wolf-whistling and the what-nots.

    Second incident was when Miss Pooh and I walked home along the same stretch. A few foreign workers were cycling and one of them circled us one time to say “BYE” to us. I got fantastic ignoring skills.

    So conclusion is that if you are going to dress in clubbing wear to an industrial area with foreign workers, do not be shocked by the amount of attention given. I was prepared for it and thus wasnt affected. No use complaining about it when you know it is bound to happen.

    HAAA! But in office, I was decently covered up cause I don’t want the office people especially wang wang to see what I was dressed in.

    Anyway, I went to meet Mr Think-he-is-charming and Mr Jie Mei for dinner. Haaa. Talked alot of crap there man.

    I was carrying quite alot of stuff before going to the restaurant. Mr Jie Mei who met me first on the way there did not offer to carry my stuff. Mr Think-he-is-charming “gallently” carried my stuff when we left the restaurant. Upon seeing this, I complained to Mr Jie Mei that he did not do the same earlier. And his response is hilarious.

    “I am still evolving”

    Anyway we made our way to MOS where the real party begins. We checked out the place and I was really shocked to see an escalator in a club! Damn stylo can!

    There is the 54 room, the pure room and the r and B room.

    54 room
    Plays retro music. Dance tiles are brightly coloured in loud colours. I spied alot of disco balls.

    Pure room
    Think Nokia commercial with all the white decor. The whole place is frigging white. They have compartments where people can lie in. Quite like a bed. People will then take off their shoes and lounge around in their own compartments. A pity, I did not have any compartment to myself as they are all full. I forgot which genre of music they were playing since I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the decor.

    R&B room
    Think black-american style with fences and spray paint. The music there wasnt good. I tried my darn best to get into the mood to dance but I can only manage some wriggles half the time.

    I commented that the service was bad. The waitresses there looked inexperienced. My friend’s credit card was almost lost but the girl sounded damn apologetic about it. So all’s well. Plus the fact that she charged us one glass of drink instead of one jug which we ordered thus saving us 37 bucks. Whoa!

    I am cheapo. The other 2 also damn cheapo. So no one corrected the girl and our mood was damn good after the mistake made by her. I am damn poor now remember. This can save me alot of money.

    anyway the whole day expenses for a full day of clubbing plus supper is
    1) 9 bucks for dinner
    2) 3 bucks for drinks during supper.

    THAT’S ALL!!!

    AND that is because
    1) the drinks is so damn cheap ( due to the mistake ) so Mr Think-he-is-charming decided that MR Jie Mei and I don’t have to pay him back.
    2) Supper is free cause Mr Jie Mei decided that since he doesn’t pay for drinks, he shall pay for supper
    3) No midnight surcharge or petrol money to be paid cause Mr-Think-he-is-charming decided to be slightly nicer today. During dinner, I bought up the petrol issue and he was like ” Ok lah, I won’t ask you to pay for petrol later lah.”

    Mr Different Wavelength decided to join us for supper. And Mr Think-he-is-charming decided to pyscho Different Wavelength to illegal park. Of course I was dead against it. But we did not manage to find a parking lot at all.

    Gossip of the day
    I can finally understand why a certain tertiary institution charged higher school fees as compared to their peers. Because the road into the car park must be oiled!

    But luckily the guys did not kena summoned at all.

    And since I was so blur to forget Mr-Think-he-is-charming present out, he had to sent me home to get his present . Another good tactic to get a free ride. But I swear his present really slipped out of my mind.

    My dad called me while I was in his car and I stupidly told my dad that I will am in a friend’s car. Guess what. When the car pulled into the carpark, I can see the kitchen lights on and my dad peeping out from the window to see who is the bugger who sent his daughter home.

    Next time I will say I am reaching home soon. Give too much information and kena inspected.