Work has been freaking stressful and it shows.

I vomitted my dinner last night and lunch this afternoon.

I can say I am a super tolerant person. I can take so much shit from shitasses and not retaliate at all. Not even one bit. And you know what, there are 2 shitasses currently in my life with whom I remain ever so sweet and nice to them despite all the crap and nasty things they do to me. I am a terribly PC person.

Deep in my heart, I consider them vermins not even worth being nasty to. And everytime, I want to retaliate back at them, my conscious starts to call to me. Argh!So in the end, I just tolerate the shit. Some of the shit are so viscious and manipulative, my friends shudder when they heard about them.

And guess what,the 2 shitasses are the same class of people. People good in English whose chinese sucks to the max.

I know I am generalising. But just a coincidence that these 2 shitasses are those type.

Fuckers to the 2 shitasses.

*Edit*: I jus realised they are the same religion too. Most of my friends are not like them. The black sheep and bad hats of society.