Interesting Lunch Conversation

So I talked about the gay at work before.

Initially I found him to be aloof and unresponsive to Miss Pooh and I. Anyway today, I made it known to him that I know he is a gay.

Of course I did not ask him point blank whether he is a gay. Siao.

I went along the lines of asking him where he club.

Mrs Lim : eh, where you club ah?

gay : places you cannot go lah.

Mrs Lim: you go to whynot and taboo right?

gay: erm, ah, erm ah.

After which I assumed he went to whynot and taboo and we started discussing which singaporean male artists he has seen at the clubs. One name he throw out was shocking cause that artist is married and there was even an incident of him having an affair with a female.

Anyway, the fag ( his nick shall be cuteboy ) started to tell me that I cannot go to the clubs he goes to cause the clubs he goes to have all guys. He said he goes to such clubs to get “shuang”. I told him later I will introduce my fags to him and will show him the pictures on friendster.

Anyway I told him to eat with us at the table instead of eating at his own desk in a bid to get to know him more. I have this morbid fascination with gays and the way they think and function. Then the conversation at lunch turned a little sexual.

Mrs Lim : How come you like to sit at your desk and eat your lunch. So anti-social.

Cuteguy : Then I can surf websites.

Mrs Lim: right? Singaporeboys also right?

Cuteguy: what friday? Today is thursday.

And I don’t know how but we managed to steer the conversation to 6 packs.

Cuteguy : I got 6 packs.

Mrs Lim : Yah, you mean you got 6 packs of beer in your house right? Anyway I can see that you do not have a 6 pack.

Cuteguy: (indignant) I have ok? But I am not going to show to you. Haaa. I can see the lc of the guys

Mrs Lim : You mean LJ ah?

Cuteguy: LC.

At this point in time, Miss Pooh was truly lost in the converation as we seemed to be speaking in codes.

Mrs Lim : LJ what. Lan J**o what.

Cuteguy : wa lau, you are damn crude.

Miss Pooh : huh, what is that?

Cuteguy: I can see how big and long their LJ is.

Mrs Lim : walau, how to see? I cannot tell leh.

Beware of cuteguy. He can see past trousers. Wa lau, he can see wang wang’s male member leh.

After lunch, I helped him sign up an account at singaporeboys.

Another funny thing is that everytime I utter a hokkien expletive, Miss Pooh will repeat whatever I said. Miss Pooh don’t understand hokkien at all and she doesnt know how vulgar whatever she repeated was.

Mrs Lim teach people naughty things. tsk tsk.

PS: cuteguy thought that me and Miss Pooh are 3-4 years above our age. Tmd. We not approaching 30s yet.