Giving up your seat

So I was taking the MRT home just after my class chalet this afternoon. It was at Pasir Ris and the entire train was empty besides the kiasu uncles and aunties rushing into the train the moment the doors opened.

I plugged in my iPod and kinda started fiddling with it throughout the entire journey as more people got on the train.

Then I raised my head and right in front of me was this spectacled old lady staring at me. I apologized immediately and offered her my seat.

This may reflect badly on me but whenever I’m on the train or bus, I see some old guy or lady I’ll immediately offer my seat to him or her. No shit.

But I’m telling you here, some old people may look dumb/blur but in actual fact, they’re the most intelligent people around. This old lady just stood there staring directly at me.

Consider all the factors; a young, fit, hamson man is sitting down while the poor old lady is standing up, the other commuters looking on will probably think I’m a lazy (albeit hamson) asshole.

So if you’re one of those society’s misfits who’s always pretending to be sleeping, just remember you too will grow old one day.

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