Five weird things or random facts

Is what mr lim was supposed to do, as he was tagged by the most beautiful female in the world. He feels really honoured.

However, since nothing about mr lim is weird and random (only cool and awesome), he could have thought three days and night and would not be able to write down anything at all.

So mr lim thought of looking to yanyan’s for inspiration.

o1. i made friends with this rich girl from NPCC because we both had queen sized beds at home for ourselves only. and because of that, we slept together at the tent side by side laughing at the other stingy group mate who only can afford a single sized plank of wood to sleep on.

mr lim slept together with other guys during a camp but they did not do anything indecent.

o2. i had this very bad habit of smacking any guys butt that i find handsome. (please do not ask why.)

mr lim do not have a sexy butt but he’s still got smacked a few times nonetheless. Thou he is not masochistic or anything, yanyan is welcomed to smack mr lim’s butt anytime.

o3. this indian guy added me in msn and showed me his dick thru the camera. that was the happiest day of my life. the most digusting thing i’ve ever seen.

mr lim wishes something like this will happen to him some day then he’ll take a screenshot and share it with everyone. mr lim, however, will not use it for his handphone wallpaper or desktop wallpaper. He doesn’t have a profile on Gayder.

o4. i have right angled eyebrows.

mr lim never heard of right angled eyebrows, so he went over to Ask Jeeves and asked “what is right angled eyebrows?” and all they gave him was this lame review of The Omega Man DVD review.


mr lim have this good friend who was about his age and cannot fricking ride a bicycle too. So when a chalet was organized few years back, when most people sped off in their bicycle, mr lim purposely ride slowly and taught his friend how to ride the bike.

The friend now knows how to ride the bicycle but sometimes still wobbles and fall down. This concludes that mr lim is a very good bicycle teacher, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

TIME; Every Saturday
VENUE: East Coast Park
FEE: One smack on the butt/hour (5 hours or more and you get to smack as many times as you want)

chio bu Curious George
yan dao King Meng
yan dao Brennan
chio bu Nadnut
yan dao Vicnan

Guys must do ok so I can know all your deepest darkest secrets I can understand you guys better.

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