Finally a baking success!

I think I am the world’s worse baker.

After baking my muffins, I decided to work on my gingerbread man. I had the dough being mixed by the cake mixer for quite a long period of time to ensure that the dough is throughly mixed.

All of a sudden, I smelt something burning. My muffins are taken out from the oven already and placed nearby. Upon smelling the burning smell, I decided to remove my muffins further away from the oven.

Just as I rested my muffins on the kitchen table, the burning smell starts to grow stronger. ( This isn’t a scene from Emily Rose though with the burning smell and all. ) I decided to walk towards the smell and started sniffing about.

And then there was a slight explosion in the kitchen.


There was the “bomb” sound.

There was the sparks arising from the cake-mixer.

There was smoke from the cake-mixer after the explosion.

Luckily my reaction was fast and I turned off the electricity the moment I heard the explosion and jumped away while letting out a yelp.

All this while, my sibling is happily watching vcds while there was an explosion in the kitchen. My mother came to my rescue after I was shouting for her from the kitchen.

It was friggin scary.

Wakao, bake until got explosion. 🙁 Tell me which baker will experience this.

After which, I realised the dough is pretty alright to bake already. Luckily no wastage if not my pockets will feel the pinch. Every penny counts when you are poor like me.

So this is the last time I will bake for xmas since there is no cake mixer for me to work with. I shall do no-bake stuff like rum balls.

The gingerbread men are damn expensive when you consider the cost of the cake mixer as well. 🙁

But nevertheless, my muffins are damn yummy as I used real blueberries and added quite alot of chocolate chips as Miss Superficial wants chocolatey stuff. It is a SUCCESS! I added minimal amount of baking soda ( might as well don’t add amount )which is why my muffins are shorter this time. But at least no yucky-taste-damn-bitter-after-taste.

My gingerbread men the last time during the trial had the most horrific bitterness which can be felt the moment your teeth sank into it. Thus, I added alot more sugar just in case it isnt sweet enough. I did not add baking soda as I was once bitten twice shy.

Thus my gingerbread man is sweet but all cookies are sweet so my gingerbread man is forgiven.

I remembered eating at AJIsen in the past and I was served an uncooked prawn tempura with the raw prawn being coated with a layer of deep fried batter. I sent the prawn back to the cook to be replaced. The replacement is slightly burnt.

hahahahaha. Same as my gingerbread man. Used to be horrifying bitter and now it is saccharine sweet.

Mr Lim so lucky. I am giving him some of the stuff I baked.

After experiencing a baking-soda overload situation, a cake-mixer exploding, I am proud to say that there is finally a success story. My muffins and gingerbread man taste good now

Yum Yum!

PS: I always blog after baking to bring fresh-out-of-the-oven ( paiseh, pun here ) updates about my baking stuff. Resulting in the insufficient sleep. Somemore I got a habit of baking only after 10 pm.

PPS: My baking misfortunes is like fairy tale right? All turns out well.