Feeling a little sad

Feeling in the dumps today after receiving my results. I studied so hard for the finals and I got a super disappointing grade. It made me evaluate my priorities towards studies.

Anyway first day at work today and Miss Pooh and I turned up super early at work. Upon reaching, I called Wang Wang ( my boss’s nickname) to announce my arrival. All I heard on the other line is a groagy voice which suggested that he was still in bed. My gosh! Lesson learnt: There is no need to be early for work at this company.

Upon hearing instrutions, Miss Pooh and I set out to work. We intend to finish the job ASAP so as to have a nice early xmas. We get paid by the project we are set out to complete and not by the day which is why there is motivation to finish our job faster.

Wang Wang does not have a good temper. I know that prior to working for Wang Wang as he raised his voice a knot while speaking to me and slammed the stack of papers on the table. Hallo, he shouldnt raise his voice cause I was working for free for him then on a project. My partners in doing the project were miffed at his attitude.

In office today, he lost his temper at his staff and shouted at her. His staff must have taken lots of Wang Wang’s crap which resulted in her raising her voice back. Feisty Lady. Applause for her. Wang Wang does not mind shouting at his stuff in front of a salesman and 2 new stuff. Applause for him as well.

Oh yah, wang wang’s nickname came about due to the most ununsual and no-link circumstances. I was smsing Miss Pooh and told her to come up with a nickname for the boss ( he got no nickname at that moment ) because I suspect that I need to bitch about him. Since she was eating wang wang at that moment, she decided that wang wang should be the nickname. And thus the name stuck all the way through the day ( and until the end of our employment )

But wang wang is quite a nice boss ( his bad temper notwithstanding), lunch is always provided free of charge. And he is not stingy with the food. Lunch together was a very full to the brim rice packet with a fried chicken drumstick and pork cooked in black sauce with stir fried vegetables and a fried egg.

After lunch, Miss Pooh and I started on our work. The feisty lady who got scolded took out her pillow to sleep. Getting angry and shouting at each other makes people sleepy. Wang wang was almost sleeping too. In the late afternoon, it was time for another staff to sleep. Wang Wang is quite nice to his staff in that sense. He is not anal about the time they report for work at all. Work is supposed to start at 9 am, and the earliest to arrive came in at 915 am. Wang wang came at 930am. tsk tsk.

Since I was terrified of dogs and there is a dog in the office which made me squealed alot of times, wang wang told the dog to bite me countless times. 🙁 Chao wang wang.

Another funny incident is when Miss Pooh and I walked to work. Since it is an industrial area, there are alot of lorries driving along a narrow road. We have to walk on the road as well as there is no pedestrian path. WHile walking, a lorry driving towards us honked at us and waved. Siao one. Never see young ladies before isit?