dog fur, xmas and me!

Blog about work first ( since I work for more than 1/3 of the day )

Wang Wang wanted to have dinner with Miss Pooh and I. Ptoooi. I said the truth and said that we got dinner at home. Then we escaped from the office. Realised that industrial areas are damn scary at night lah. Me and Miss Pooh walked down the dark narrow road surrounded with the music of dogs barking continously. I heard that there are a few fierce dogs from the factories along the road which bite. Scary!

oh yah, I stopped sneezing at my office already. I must have gotten used to the dog fur. So silly of my body to be allergic to dog fur.

XMas is coming. Miss Eloquent is planning a secondary get together. I am the class chairman of that class but I haven planned a get together for many years after we graduate from secondary school. For the spastic reason that I hate to get judged. I looked many times worse than sec school and I refuse to let my sec friends view me now. I know the reason is spastic but it gets to me, and I don’t want to go to a party where I feel self-conscious. Yah, I hate that reason also.

Back to happier stuff, since xmas is coming, I got gifts for my tai tai gang already. I will be making them a jewellery box and put some accessories in them. Of course the box will not be made by me. Duh! But I will add in a mirror, maybe make some compartments and then decorate the box. Making gifts from scratch is normally more expensive than buying the gifts I make in case you guys think I am cheapskate.

I love to personalise gifts. I have been making xmas gifts for them these years and the gifts will have testament of the 5 tai tais in the gang. Normally I will bake something for them besides making a gift. There was a year with brownies and another year with egg tarts. This year is a bit too busy to bake though.

We are called the tai tai gang cause we look tai tai and behave tai tai when we are together. When we meet up, we will go for high tea and shop till we drop. Typically what tai tais do thus we are called tai tai gang.

Xmas will be with the tai tai’s as usual. I cant wait. I need to plan a xmas party with another group of friends. Sucks to be the planner cause we got no venue at all.

I need to cook tomorrow. Remember the chicken kebabs I tried to cook a few days ago, it totally sucks. Thus I decided to cheat by using premix and chicken thighs. Chicken breast is horribly dry at my hands. I don’t want to be a laughing stock among this group of friends due to my cooking. I am already a sushi making laughing stock. I don’t need a “Mrs Lim cooks so well, she destroys chicken kebabs” tag by my friends.

I swear my cooking is really quite good at times. The chicken kebabs and sushi are accidents.