Within this few months, I have made many new friends and found closer relationships with acquaintances who became my friends as a result.

Relationships with acquaintances turned friends are one of the most marvellous tools to get to know people’s perceptions of you.

Living in this world has made me a cynic which my friend Miss Eloquent often told me. Trusting people is something I need to learn. I realised that I am not a very likable person at first sight which I am fine with. People needs time to warm up to me.

One of the conversations I have with Miss Tee has her commenting that I am such a nice and funny person. I get the funny comment quite alot from my friends but the nice comment ( there are more and more of the nice comments now ) sent a nice tingy feeling down my spine.

I guess my reputation is improving greatly( my reputation was alright in the past) since people who worked with me before told me or other people that I am nice and funny.

And the comments will be told to me. The world is damn small.

One of the greatest compliments I received this few months which Miss Tee told me ( Miss Horse talked to Miss Tee about it) was

” I think if i am a guy, I will love to live with Mrs Lim.”

Gosh, the nicest compliment I have heard so far. Yeah, and they are from acquaintances turned friends. BTW, she is not lesbian.

For me, a real compliment is when someone comments something good about your character.

Screw the compliments you get about your physical appearances, your clothes, your talents and the whatever nots.

Get a compliment about your character instead.