Summary of this whole post is

Time and time again, I see girls who commit the same folly of chasing guys. One of my principle in life is to wait for a guy to chase me. If I have to wait for a life-time and die a person who hasn’t experienced love, then so be it. Cause I don’t believe in having things that are of little value.

To me and Miss Pooh whom I have an indepth discussion with, we both agreed that guys should do the chasing.

I know it is the 21st century and it is time for feminists like me to make a stand and show guys that we are of equal footing. Which means we can do some role -reversal and chase guys instead.

All these are bullshit.

I shall not make this into a long winded post and go straight into the point.

GUYs in general are fan jian. They will only treasure things which they work hard for. Females are also fan jian. Females like me will only treasure stuff which I saved up so hard to buy. Which means if a girl chased him, his ego will be stroked and the girl will be deemed as being served on a platter to him, it is as if he had it free. Like that, how to treasure?

I have seen instances of guys being a shitass to their girlfriends who had chased them indeed. Of course I admire the girls for their courage. But as their relationship progresses on, I can only say I feel sorry for the girls.

Firstly chasing the guys will give the girls additional advantage of getting attached with the guy. But getting attached to the guy is the only peak of the relationship. After that it is downhill all the way.

I know of a girl who has chased 4 guys. 3 of which did not work out. The remaining guy is her bf now. But her bf has cheated on her before without her knowing. Doesnt introduce or treat her as a girlfriend.

Argh. For all of the above, I rather be a hard-core single.

Thus guys, don’t say we girls don’t make the first move or not chase you all. You guys treated us better when you chased us than vice versa.