Wahahaha. I caned my colleague today. But it was just a nice friendly smack on his thighs by the cane. By the way, he is a fag so there is no flirting going on. Somehow, I got so much affinity with fags. My fags call me their fag hag. Nabeh. I know I am in my mid-twenties and is a super hard-core single ( mouldy term for people who has been single for a long time ) but there is no need to label me as a fag hag right?

And those god-damn foreign workers are still making unnecessary sounds at Miss Pooh and I whenever we pass by their factory on our way to and from work. My mood in the morning is not very good( due to the bitter banana muffin I made) which explains for the KNNCCB comment I made with dramatic old chinese opera actions.

I am vulgar today. ( only today lah)