Damn it lah. Organiser a party with 2 other organisers which needed to be pushed is damn irritating.

I have to work ( my job ) and plan the party and be swamped with questions about the party tomorrow.

And somehow I seem like a major call centre or SOS helpline with pple contacting me while I am busy at work.

My Hp and msn is busy with people asking me on directions as to how to get to the party, what time to meet to help, whether there is anything they can help with, last minute peeps who cant turn up etc etc etc.

And I forgot to order otahs which meant that we have to forego it. I also forgot the ice box until recently which sent me on a frantic search for it ( uptil now still cannot find.) The other organisers forgot too. Damn damn damn damn. The other 2 did not care abt the logistics and the whatnots or even think about the things we need, whether we can cover our costs and etc etc.

Fuck. I am like in a lonely battle. I might as well get the other 2 to be helpers like the rest of the peeps instead of co-organisers.

Yes, I am in a bad mood cause I worked till 10 pm tonight together with Miss Pooh so as to take off tomorrow. And sick people arent in good mood.