About Mrs Lim

Mrs Lim-Unanswered Answers
A female in her twenties
who loves to party
Amidst her never-ending workday
she will work and play

Cuss and swear she does
Enough to make NS men blush
But politically correct is she
who never says incorrect things

Flitting from events to events
My friends always rant
Time spent aint with them aint enough
sadly they are right

Lots of dreams I have
Ambition rule my world
Warren Buffett is my aim
Shrewd is my middle name

With all the dreams I have
Love doesnt have a chance
and so it has to wait
While my career takes a leap

And this blog will document
The ups and downs in my life
among the answers I seek for in this journey called life
many of them unanswered
the unanswered answers

For the people in my Life

For the Ladies
Miss Pooh
Miss Eloquent
Miss Superficial
Miss Mono-High Pitch Voice
Miss TV addict
Miss Lab
Miss Tall and Thin- tai tai gang
Miss Teh- tai tai gang
Miss Sporty – tai tai gang
Feisty lady – wang wang’s gf

For the Gays and Guys
Mr Gay – part- time tai tai gang
Cute Guy- gay colleague
Wang wang
Mr Different Wavelength
Mr Jie Mei
Mr Think-he-is-charming-hamsem-cute-likeable-innocent
Mr Lim

Guys and Girls
Ocean’s 11 ( group of 11 of us )