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When I first started this site, I already knew the existence of, the Bulletin of Singapore Bloggers (With all the traffic sent by Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi and the likes, who doesn’t?).

So this is not exactly an attempt at “setting up my own” (scroll down to see the 4th comment) as Mr James Seng is likely to suggest at every opportunity though he doesn’t take such an approach these days. ;)

On the contrary, I feel that both sites are actually pretty different, of course besides the similar .sg domain name. takes a more SPH style. Like the tabloids with a mini forum; revelation of sex, racist blogs. Where anyone submits an article they deem worthy of sharing, then the editors in a most democratic manner decides whether the article should be published. These 13 supposedly most influential bloggers hold the helm of, the website where our mainstream media looks to for the juicy stuff.

Which all in all is fine and dandy and a very great idea which I kick myself of not thinking of earlier.

I’m especially happy that there is such a site, for example, right after the Bloggers.SG ended, the editors posted an article briefly on the event and a flurry of trackbacks followed, tons of photos and recounts from various individual. I’m sure everyone who attended the event or couldn’t make it would have loved to know more what exactly happened at the event. All that was needed is a place to collect all the information and provided such a need.

Where (hopefully) serve as a more personal output. Less objective. More opinions. Of course, relating to Singapore and most important of all, be responsible. More of a approach and less of Screnshots, not that there’s anything wrong with Jeff Ooi’s blog, I think it’s important that he takes a more serious stance on the various issues, after all somebody got to do it.

I actually wasn’t expect any one signing up, but we got a couple. And one of them just added his virgin post, the top five reasons why he like riding rather than driving. I especially agree with point number 3. Go read, it’s pretty interesting.

And to all the new members, I’ve promoted all of you to Level 1 so if you feel like it, write something, anything about Singapore and it’ll be saved as a draft and I’ll probably give it a look through for spelling mistakes and it will be published. D

Thanks and have fun.