I am married!

Remember Kenny Sia and Xia Xue who had a “blog” marriage on May 24 2005?seems like almost half a year later, Mrs Lim here is doing a “blog” marriage with Mr Lim. Only Mr Lim Zhiyang is so sweet to host me on his blog. For that, I have to do send him some of my sexy pics………..

of my lips lah.

da bombI don’t understand why the fad now is to have super thin lips pursed today. Excuse me, thick lips like mine is damn sexy ok?

But luckily, Mr Lim knows how to treasure real stuff and loves my lips.

Or rather the pics of my lips because I got this subdomain for free!!! ( Yes, zhiyang, I am defaulting on my promise to buy you a dinner. )

But as all marriages at weddings have all the “how they met and fell in love” stories, I shall start with mine also.

By the way, I do not think that zhiyang will do a nice blog entry on how he met me 🙁 Because of the reason that females have 10 gigabyte of memory on the minute details and the fact that I am a sentimental Bitch.

Here is how we met and fell in “blog”

I decided to search for Singapore’s Porn Site just to see whether the government allow us to have such sites. I know the answer is NO but being a super bored individual, I decided to google just for the heck of it. ( Yes, I swear that was the real reason. I don’t look at porn at all which is why the Durex survey had Singapore being the bottom 2. )


CLick on the link above and you will see the search results I got.

There is darn alot of Zhiyang’s links there. SO I naturally thought that he was the official website and that such a porn site exist.

But when I click on the links and see this, I was so shocked!

Pic below safe for work

Damn Hamsem right?

Ahem, I got fetish for those long messy hair type. And it was pic at first sight.

And his age did not deter me. I know he is 17 and me being in my 20s should just sod off but alas, love so divine cannot be deterred. December-May relationships is still the trend 😀

Being a much older woman gives me the confidence too so I decided to add him on msn. As all can guess, we read each other’s blog a few times and fell in love.

AND that is why I am called Mrs Lim.