My good friend “Miss High Pitch Monotonous Voice” ( short form Miss Mono ) experienced a loss recently. Her grandmother passed away. At a really bad time really because that week happened to be the extreme peak period of busy-ness for her.

Previously at her extreme peak period half a year ago, her grandfather passed away.

Always at the same time when she is having exams.

Coincidences? But the truth is that she lost 2 grandparents within a span of half a year.

Miss Mono is one of the few who shared a close relationship with her grandmother particularly so after her grandfather passed away. She can be said to be her grandmother’s other soulmate since her grandmother will call her when she is bored.

This passing has saddened her greatly. But not many people will understand the torrent of emotions Miss Mono is facing.

But I do.

My grandfather passed away almost 1-2 weeks after Miss Mono’s grandfather. Both of us are experiencing the busiest time of our careers. I took the death quite badly particularly so since I was taken care of by him. A week after the funeral, I cried while on the bus. I happen to be a person who can control my tear glands damn well.

When Miss Mono told me about her grandmother’s death, I straight away thought of my grandfather. While reading her blog posts about her grandparents, I was touched that there are still people who treasured and loved their grandparents. Yah, I cried. Even though it was not my own grandparents. But her filial piety touched my heart and I understood the grief she is experiencing.

I am not turning into an emotional freak. Death is something which affects me greatly. We all have to deal with the loss of someone precious during the course of our life. I just happen to deal with it in a teary teary way.

I love memories because although time can take away the physical being of my loved ones, the memories stay on even with time.