Your guide to a healthy car cabin

When driving or riding in a vehicle, we usually take regular precautions in ensuring that we have a safe journey in our vehicle, like wearing our seat-belts, following traffic lights and abiding by speed limits. Yet, we may be endangering ours and our family’s health without knowing it.

Many of us go about our daily lives without questioning the quality of the air that we breathe. That is, until incidents force us to, such as the occasional haze or more major episodes like the SARS outbreak in 2003. In fact, the SARS outbreak led to an international obsession about air quality, especially in confined spaces and crowded conditions, and the impact on health.

A website specially set up for car cabins. How awesome is that? I didnt even know that it was some kind of huge epidemic. This car cabin issue.

Saw this on the local news and no, air fresheners do shit to your ‘clean’ air. Especially those ‘air purifiers’ you see everywhere these days.

The transparent container with water in it and a cover with silted holes to diffuse the ‘clean’ air. I gotta find a photo to show you guys.