I had often given thought as to why I had decided to ride.

I ride because:

1) I like the feeling of the wind – You can probably get that feeling on a convertible then again, it’s not exactly the same and not everyone can own a convertible.

2) I like to bua kata (grind footpegs) – There is no subsitute for this. The moment you take a corner on your bike, you’re try to go lower and then you feel the grinding of your footpegs. There’s the instant grin on my face.

3) I like that the pillion is seated behind you – When you pillion a girlfriend, she hugs you from behind, her face (with helmet) and her chest against your back. When at a stop, you hold her hands and assures her that she’s in safe hands. Now try doing the same in your car.

4) I have more freedom – I drive too. When on my bike, I’m not forced to queue behind other cars when in a jam. Cause jams do not apply to bikes. I don’t need to fight with other “paikia” drivers for limited parking lots. Most places have plenty of empty lots for bikes, at least the places I go.

5) I simply enjoy the experience – Riding beats driving anyday (of course I’m just bias)

There is simply too many reasons on why I choose to ride. I merely stated the top five.